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Every man wants beautiful women to hover around him, but most of the time, the situation is quite opposite to this. Most men have a hard time attracting a girl. They spend time hovering around girls, try to hook every second girl and many times have to go through embarrassing[…]

Make yourself more attractive

In this article you’re going to discover the signs girls give off that reveal their interest in you.   You might even realise girls have been giving you these signs all your life – think of all the opportunities you’re going to be able claim now that you know what[…]

Signs She is Interested

Here are the three best strategies for getting a girlfriend in college. For best results, mix all together!   Cold Approach   The hands-down most effective way to get a girlfriend in college is cold approach.   You walk around campus (maybe on your way to somewhere) and when you[…]

How to get a Girlfriend in College

In this article you’re going to discover how to avoid the biggest mistakes guys who want to get dates make.   I see it coming down to these areas   – You’re not talking to enough girls – When a girl is attracted, you screw up setting the date –[…]

How to get a Date

So you want become more attractive? That would be a “change”.   Let’s deal with this in a fresh way!   Change can happen on 6 different levels:   Identity Values Beliefs Knowledge & Capabilities Behaviours Environment   You can become more attractive by making changes at any one of[…]

How to be more Attractive

A pickup artist deliberately uses his skills with attract, date and sleep with beautiful women.   He constantly seeks to improve his skills to be more effective and successful.   Why?   Pickup artists all have their own reasons. Here are a few:   – sleep more progressively hotter girls[…]

What is a Pickup Artist?

In this article I’m going to talk about how to jump the gap from the friend zone to the “sleeping with” zone.   I could tell you that you should go sleep with ten other women and then see how you feel. That would be “the right thing to do”.[…]

How to Escape the Friend Zone

Did you know that if you ask your brain a question it will give you an answer? If you ask it “why am I single?” you’ll get all sorts of negative self-esteem lowering answers.   Instead you should be asking “How can I get a girlfriend?”   So next time,[…]

Why am I Single?